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Epstein Hillel Innovation Center Update

Renovations have begun on the Epstein Hillel School Innovation Center. The Center is being funded in large part by a gift from the David Lear Sulman Fund and is expected to open in April. Activities in the Center will focus on the development of interests and skills across the academic disciplines with an emphasis on computing, science and engineering. The Innovation Center will feature a variety of computers, computer-aided machines, materials, high/low tech tools and other resources focused on developing a wide variety of knowledge and skills. In the spirit of a “Makerspace”, students will be able to pursue projects across a broad range of topics based on both curriculum-related and personal interests. A Makerspace is a place that allows children and adults to create, develop, discover, investigate, pursue and understand new ideas and skills through coding, making, inventing and tinkering with computers, tools and machines. The EHS library is also undergoing renovations as it is transformed to play a central role in the new David Lear Sulman Innovation Center.

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