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Epstein Hillel Library Event

Friends of the Epstein Hillel School Library held their annual celebration and fund raising event on Thursday, May 24. At the event, Mark Gelfand was recognized for his incredible efforts in creating STEM enrichment programs for deserving youth in the US, Israel, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda. Also at the event, internationally recognized thought leader on K-8 education, Grant Lichtman spoke about transforming our schools from Epstein Hillel to Ethiopia. Lichtman is the author of “Moving the Rock” and “#EdJourney: A Roadmap for the Future of Education.” Epstein Hillel has plans to build an exciting new and transformative learning space: The David Lear Sulman Innovation Center, which will integrate the school’s library, STEM lab and art studio. David Sulman was the husband of Rose-Jane Sulman, a beloved teacher at Cohen Hillel Academy (now Epstein Hillel School) for over fifteen years. The Center will be built in David’s memory to honor his love of science and engineering, and to pass that on to future generations.

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