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Maker Ed Resources

There is more to a Maker Space than just a collection of tools, materials, machines and processes. If your Makerspace is in a school and you are trying to integrate the use of your space into the curriculum you will need additional resources to assist in planning and implementation. This page features a variety of planning documents with ideas and resources for implementing a Makerspace and project-based learning approach to Maker Education. Click on the name for the document listed below to view and/or download.

MAKERSPACE SKILLS FLOW CHART: This flowchart identifies the skills/experiences that students will develop as they advance through the Makerspace in grades K-6.

MAKERSPACE RESOURCES: This multipage Google Sheet identifies a variety of resources including a variety of equipment, materials, machines, tools and more that should be considered for inclusion in a Makerspace.

MAKERSPACE SCOPE & SEQUENCE: This multipage Google Sheet identifies various Makerspace activities and shows them in relation to grade level activities and projects.