EHS Innovation Center Floor Plan

DLS Innovation Center @ Epstein Hillel School

The Epstein Hillel School David Lear Sulman (DLS) Innovation Center will focus on the development of interests and skills across the academic disciplines with an emphasis on computing, science and engineering. The DLS Innovation Center will feature a variety of computers, computer-aided machines, materials, high/low tech tools and other resources focused on developing a wide variety of knowledge and skills. In the spirit of a “Makerspace”, students will be able to pursue projects across a broad range of topics based on both curriculum-related and personal interests. A Makerspace is a place that allows children and adults to create, develop, discover, investigate, pursue and understand new ideas and skills through coding, making, inventing and tinkering with computers, tools and machines. “Making” can also make complicated engineering, math and science concepts understandable to younger children and introduce older children to previously unknown topics or careers.3 In the Innovation Center students will use computers for coding and design, including generating ideas, testing theories, collecting data, creating innovative artifacts with media and/or solving authentic problems. Students will have access to new computer assisted machines and processes such as 3D printing, 3D precision laser cutting/shaping, 3D scanning, and computer controlled machining. Additional resources will include Arduino programmable electronics prototyping boards, soldering stations and a variety of components for creating robots, programmable devices and wearable electronics. To facilitate teaching and learning in some of the targeted science and engineering subjects, comprehensive curriculum resource packages such as LEGO© WeDo, Kinderlab© KiBo and/or other science kits that include materials, parts, computer components and more will be available for use in the lab and/or for use in the classroom. Download the concept drawings of the DLS Innovation Center.