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Limudei Code-Esh: Tu B’shevat

The David Lear Sulman Fund in collaboration with Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers and the Tufts University DevTech Research Group is pleased to announce the publication of a “A Beginner ScratchJr Coding Curriculum Integrated with Jewish Education”. The “Limudei Code-Esh: Tu B’shevat” curriculum introduces powerful ideas from computer science, specifically programming with ScratchJr, to children in Kindergarten through 3nd grade in a structured, developmentally appropriate way in the context of Jewish education. The Coding as Literacy (CAL) approach, developed by Prof. Marina Umaschi Bers and members of her DevTech Research Group at Tufts University, understands the learning of computer science as a literacy for the 21st century computer science ideas into direct conversation with powerful ideas from literacy. Both can support learners in developing new ways of thinking about themselves and the world. You can learn more about the project and the curriculum by visiting the project initiative page.