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LGA Maker Space

LGA Maker Space Renovation

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean that work on the David Lear Sulman Fund initiatives is at a standstill. Each of the participating schools are engaged in ongoing work on both the curriculum and facilities aspects of their projects. At Lander-Grinspoon Academy (LGA) in North Hampton work has begun on transforming an existing classrooms into a school-wide Maker Space. In this first phase  an existing classroom will be converted to a Maker Space and outfitted with furniture and equipment that is appropriate for K-6 grade students. Tools, equipment, materials and teacher training will all be in place and ready so that students can access the new Maker Space on the first day of school. Stay tuned as the second phase of the LGA Maker Space initiative will feature design concepts and a new floor plan by the architectural firm of KVA Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd. from Boston, MA.